We educate and empower so that women have the freedom to embrace life.

Founded in 1980, the Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns (CPC) is a local, non-political, non-denominational Christian ministry of hope and life. 

Our medical services facility, Options@328, is next to a national abortion provider in downtown Baltimore. Here we offer pregnancy testing, viability sonograms, advocacy, and resources that support the choice for life (education, employment, healthcare, housing, addiction recovery, and post-abortive healing, to name a few). We also provide abortion pill reversal to women who change their minds.

Unlike abortion providers, we make no money from the choices women make. We believe in the sanctity of life and God’s gift of free will. We embrace women where they are, acknowledging pregnancy’s unique challenges. We extend God’s love and gospel truths to those we serve and promote the dignity and value of all life. We offer a safe, non-judgmental space for women looking to get all the facts about their pregnancy options (abortion, adoption, and motherhood), empowering them to make informed choices. Regardless of their final pregnancy decisions, women are loved and welcome to return for services at any time.